A Year ago today !!

A year ago today was the 10th March 2015, a date which will stay with me for the rest of my life!

It is among a few dates which I will never forget, for some who know me well they will know these dates, and for those who don’t will no doubt find out if they continue to follow my blog.

Anyway getting back to the topic in hand, I was at work fitting a replacement gas boiler in a customers house, a pretty average day, the sun was out and life was pretty good, my business was expanding, we were close to doubling our turnover for this financial year, only another month to go and the diary was full. My company had a great reputation, and a Accredited Installer for Worcester Bosch ( 1 of only 2% of heating installers in the country) and Vaillant.

The new boiler was up and running, only the tiding up to do.  DISASTER !!!

The customers loft ladder that I was at the top of broke, and as I fell, I was heading towards the stairwell, I kicked off the wall, which sent me backwards but head first, impacting my head twice.

So today I had a choice!

  1. Do I mope around feeling sorry for myself?


2.  Do I get on with living life?


So this morning I treated my damaged body to a Swedish Massage! I enjoyed it too 🙂 !!

You may think what a strange thing to say, aren’t the body and me the same thing? Well in laymen’s terms they are! But after a brain injury they are not, your body does not always connect with the brain, so what you want your body to do doesn’t necessarily happen.

The massage was expertly performed by Katya of Light Hearts UK

After that exhausting massage it was lunch time, so I headed from Tunbridge Wells to Sevenoaks, to my favourite coffee shop Nonna Cuppaccini’s and had a Chicken Escalope Ciabatta. The food here is always excellent, so is the coffee 🙂

Your probably thinking what a life of riley he’s living, and your right, 10 out of 10!!

I AM LIVING A LIFE OF RILEY, I’m not going to let my life changing brain injury stop me from living!!

Well I’d better get some rest as I do witter on, and its the early hours of Friday morning.

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