Cappuccino with a sprinkle of People!

IMG_1533Cappuccino  with a sprinkle of people! What a terrific combination! Sitting outside in the sun at my favourite coffee shop in Sevenoaks, Nonna Cappuccini’s, watching the world go by whilst sipping at my Cappuccino.

I was going to be meeting a friend this morning for a coffee and a chat, but unfortunately they was under the weather, so I thought rather than waste an opportunity I’d still go and took my dog Prince too. The staff there always make a fuss of him, so he enjoys himself too, he loves to people watch also.

You have the elderly couple helping each other along, still holding hands after 50+ years of marriage. You have the stressed mother struggling to keep any sort of order as the children run ragged. You have the flash harry on his mobile at full volume informing everyone within a 100 yards of his wise boy antics. You have the bored husband skulking past the pub as his misses drags him to the next clothes boutique. You have the young man looking at his reflection in every shop window. You have the kept woman with the handbag more expensive than your average car. You have the first date couple struggling to make conversation. You have the teenagers glued to their phones, yet still they walk along without bumping into anything. You have the foreign exchange student trying to work out the menu of the coffee shop. You have the click clop of the horsey type in their riding boots and jodhpurs. You have the people charging along dodging the daydreaming shoppers. You have the lost delivery driver pushing along his loaded sack barrow. You have the clueless 5 abreast strollers expecting everyone else to get out their way. You have the snippets of conversation that you try to piece together and make sense of. You have the pair who are obviously having an affair. You have the single dads who only have those few precious hours on a Saturday with their children.

Then you have me! In his hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and trainers with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross breed dog. What would your first thought be??


We are all guilty of it! We judge a book by its cover. We make our minds up before we know anything. It’s just human nature.

The reason I wear tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie is because they keep me warm as my body temperature sense is damaged so I’m always cold, and I’m hypersensitive to noise so the hoodie helps to block some of everyday noise. As for my dog, I got him a month after my accident,  I rescued him when he was 6 months old, to give him a better life and to help with my recovery.

Thanks for reading my blog, speak soon x

4 thoughts on “Cappuccino with a sprinkle of People!

  1. Well done mate.

    Be good to hear about your recovery and how you’re enjoying your new hobbies.

    Sounds like the weight loss will go well too as you have swapped fry ups for ciabatta sandwiches .

    Make sure you post plenty of pics and have plenty of family time !!!

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  2. Just read your blog mate and I’m keen to read more! Fair play Deano, not letting life beat you and doing it with a smile of your face.

    I remember as kid always being at your place in Heathview getting in the way, always wanting to help knock something down 😉

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