A Trip to the Doctors!

My trip to the doctors started 7.25pm Sunday night. I had to fast from this time until 9.25am Monday, which was when I was having some blood tests done to see why I’m suffering with these constant headaches.

So to prevent any temptation or forgetfulness, the later being the more obvious, I decided to go to bed early. Monday morning came and my daily routine kicked into action. Bathroom, teeth, shower and get dressed. Then downstairs to the kitchen,where I got greeted by my dog as if I had been missing in action for 6 months, I headed for the kettle and was greeted again, but by various posters of “Dean Only Water”IMG_1536.JPG “Dean No Breakfast Only Water” IMG_1535.JPG

and my white board “Water Only”!!IMG_1537.JPG

My routine was now interrupted, I could feel the anxiety bubbling away inside, right I need a plan, I’m trying to think what to do, “What can I do? What Can I Do? WHAT CAN I DO?”, when I’m prompted by my fury friend, my dog Prince. I know, I’ll take the dog out for a walk (as if it was all my idea not his), and by the time I get back it will be time to leave for the Doctors.

On arrival at the doctors I book in with reception, and am told to go into the Waiting Room. As I approach the glass wooden framed doors I could see its contents, I’m sure if there were seats on the ceiling people would be on them too. As I went through the doors I’m greeted by coughing, sneezing, spluttering, sniffing and wheezing. I quickly grabbed the last breath of fresh clean air, and i’m sure I covered my mouth with my hand.

The Waiting Room is like a large through lounge, as if it was two separate rooms at one time. So I went to the far end and grabbed the last seat. I was sitting opposite a middle aged lady, I thought to myself this isn’t a bad seat after all. Then the tannoy boomed “Tom Green Room 2”, I nearly ended up on the lady’s lap. The lady opposite then rifled through her bag and produced a nail file, every to and thro action felt like it was passing through one ear and out the other, then the two children behind me decide to play on this toy where you push the beads along twisted bits of wire, I didn’t realise how much noise a toy could make, then the tannoy would boom into action as if it was all a well timed orchestra of chaos! I can feel myself getting more and more anxious, I again talk to myself “I can’t stand this! I’ve got to get out of here!”, I try to focus on something else, wishing the tannoy would sing my name. I notice a guy diagonally to my left, he was dressed in his tan coloured steel toe capped boots, black combat trousers and a thick fleece. I used to dress very similar just over a year ago when I was working. I felt an envy come over me, and I started to think about my working days. The tannoy boomed again which made me and the guy I was staring at jump, I looked away quickly so as not to be caught staring. I noticed the lady opposite was staring at me, still filing her talons, I’m running out of places to look, so I look up at the ceiling, then I check the time, I’ve only been here 5 minutes, seems more like 25 minutes. Then a soft ladies voice comes over the tannoy “Dean Strachan Room 8”.

I can’t even remember leaving the Waiting Room, the next I’m in Room 8 with the nurse. Its peaceful and quiet, and I feel myself relaxing, sinking into the soft chair, even though I’m having a needle put in my arm and now filling 5 test tubes of blood.

So a simple day to day task of going to the doctors can seem like a huge task for someone with a Brain Injury. I’m improving though because I went on my own, a few months ago I would not been able to do this, I would have needed someone to take me.

Thanks for reading my blog!

10 thoughts on “A Trip to the Doctors!

  1. Deano, I knew noises were a problem because mum and dad had mentioned it when I’ve asked how you were doing, I didn’t realise just how big an impact it was having though….

    keep fighting though mate! I’m sure you will work through these obstacles.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’ve brought a tear to my eye. You have always had a big place in my heart. You are such a genuinely nice man and I can’t belive what a bad ride you have had. Best wishes your apprentice, if ever you want to chat please call me.xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Luke, I’d give you a big hug if you was in front of me now, hope you’re doing well, would be good to catch up for a coffee. I’ll give you a call 🙂 x


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