Oi! Who do you think you are? David Bailey!!

It was a phrase said in jest by people in my younger years, when someone was trying to take a photo. For the benefit of the younger generation, he is a famous photographer.
I have always been interested in photography, but have only ever been a point and shoot type, like most of us, i guess.

IMG_1540Since my accident my dad has taken me bird watching, for several reasons really.

Firstly, it was to get me out and about.

Secondly, it was a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Thirdly, my dad has always had a great interest in it since he was a lad.

So i decided to take a camera and try and get some photos of the birds and wildlife on these trips.

Various people have commented on my pictures, and that got me thinking, don’t laugh i can think sometimes 🙂

So the other day i booked myself on a Level 1 Photography Course run by Jessops.
So, Saturday came, i arrive at 10am on the dot at the Training Day. For a change i’m on time as i’m usually running late.
I’m feeling anxious, not knowing what or whom i’ve let myself in for. I keep telling myself “You can do this!!”, “You Can, You Can!!”.

As i walk into the room i come face to face with a guy in his late twenties, with a friendly face, he introduces himself as Carl. “Take a seat we are waiting for one other”. As i sit down i say “Hello” to another gentleman sitting at the head of the table, he looked around retirement age. So i settled in pretty quickly and wondered why i was so worried. Then, the Trainer Carl stands and says “We must get started now!”, followed by the door opening and the third pupil walks in to the room, he was 6’6″, late twenties with tattoos canvassing any visible parts of his skin.

We start by introducing ourselves and the course commences.
The trainer told a story which just stuck in my head.

A famous photographer went for a meal in a restaurant, the chef came out to greet the photographer saying how much he loved his great work and pointed to a beautiful picture landscape on the wall, “Look!” he said, “I have one of your pieces on my wall, I bet you took that with a great camera!”. The photographer smiled and nodded gently. Later, after his meal, as the photographer was leaving he was again greeted by the chef. He said to the chef “The meal was delicious, you must have cooked it in a great oven!”
It made me smile, thinking of how i would feel if one of my customers said “Thanks for fixing my boiler, you must have great tools”.
Anyway, i won’t bore you all with the details of the course, but i enjoyed it!

So i booked myself on three more courses, my Photography Level 2 course, a Motorsport Photo Workshop and a Birds of Prey Experience.
So i now have another interest to think about now, and hopefully i will become a better photographer. Who knows i might start another blog to run beside this one, to share my photography experiences.
Thanks for reading my blog!

Bye for now, David Bailey 🙂

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