Friend or Foe??

It was Friday just gone, 17th June, a rather wet and miserable day. The only thing I can remember about the morning was that I printed off a “To Do List” which I had typed up Thursday night before bed. A copy of my list is below.


It has nothing ticked off and is still laying beside me as I write my blog, so much for lists, Eh!

You may say “But thats not true! Your doing the last thing on your list!”

But I’m not, because the note was to remind me to write about a completely different subject all together. So you’ll have to wait for that one!

Anyway, getting back to Friday, the morning had disappeared into oblivion, but I had to get to Paddock Wood Advice Centre to drop off a letter before 1.30PM, (not on my to do list) which I did with 10 minutes to spare. Then I was going to take Prince, my dog, to a  local Country Park, but the heavens opened..

So Prince and I headed diagonally across the road to Costa Coffee which had an undercover outside seating area. After my second cup of Cappuccino, the rain started to ease up, so we went back to the car, it was gone 3pm, what a waste of a day. So I headed to Borough Green to drop off my repeat prescription.

While I was in the area I thought I would pop into my old local car repair garage which I used quite a lot when I was doing a bit of buying & selling of cars, a side line to my gas heating business, more of a hobby really. It is made up of 4 guys mainly. The two partners, Steve and Graham who both work in the workshop, Steve is more jolly, happy go lucky and more approachable, Graham is the complete opposite really. There’s also another Graham who mainly does the MOT’s, we usually have a bit of a natter when he’s MOTing one of my vehicles. Then there is Martin who works on the front desk, he takes the bookings, orders parts and answers the phone etc. We would also have a good old chat about all different things really. I was known as “Lucky”, and usually got greeted by anyone of them “Alright Lucky, how’s it going then?”. Or when I rang them up I would say “Its Deano from Lucky Autos” and I would be greeted back with “LUCKY!!” bellowing down the phone.

So since my accident last year I have not seen much of them at all. As I pulled up Steve was just going out the yard, he stopped, smiling and said a quick “Hello and how am I? etc”.

In to the office I walk and Graham the owner is talking to a customer and Martin was in and out like a yoyo, from the workshop and on the phone. So I helped myself to a coffee from the drinks machine while i waited.

Martin and I then started chatting about life in general etc, he asked if I was back to work and I said that it was highly unlightly I’d return to work. He asked how was I surviving money wise, i just said i was on unemployment benefit as i didn’t really want to discuss stuff like that.

I then remembered about my old camper van was due for MOT and I needed to get it booked in as it has a starter motor issue. He said to give him a call next week, as I was leaving I remembered that they had not met Prince, so I said to Martin “You haven’t seen my new dog Prince have you?” as I was going out the door.

With that he replied “Who pays for the dog? Benefits?”

Well, I stopped, you could have knocked me over with a feather, I hope I did not show the horror in my face as I turned round, I don’t know how I thought of a response so quick “No, Katie pays for him to help me get out”.

Was it said as a Joke or in Malice??

If it was a joke, it wasn’t very funny!

If it was in malice, I’m pretty appalled!

I felt I had been instantly judged, it made me feel bad, its been going around my head all weekend.

I feel I need to go back and ask if he was joking or not, either way its going to leave a sour taste in my mouth what ever the answer is.

I just can’t understand why you would say that.

So hence the title of my blog “Friend or Foe??”

You think someone is your friend, and they probably aren’t. It hurts, it knocks your confidence, you start doubting yourself and who’s who? I felt like I was committing a crime, perhaps he’s right.

Should I have a dog and be on benefits?

As far as I’m concerned Prince has helped me so much, and I hope I’ve helped him have a better life.

Speak soon x

4 thoughts on “Friend or Foe??

  1. Yes you should have a dog! People make stupid flippant comments with no regard for the impact of their words. And not only should you have a dog, you should have everything else that you had when you worked, because it’s not your fault or choice to be in your situation. I’m pretty sure the system which you paid into is designed to help you when you need it and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. In my job the term would be “medically retired” if you were unable to stay in the job for health reasons. People like that guy are very much friends of the moment when all is going well and you’re doing each other favours. That’s not a true friend.

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  2. Dean I really enjoyed reading your blog.Keep it up.I am sure Prince has been really good for you,as you have someone to talk to during the day if you are on your own,and he must love your company .Take care.x

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